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Swing Dancing

"There is no wrong in Swing, if you can lead it and she can follow it." ~ Swing dance instructor

Swing is among the most improvisational dances, thriving on creativity and personal styling.

People dance Swing to popular music, typically with a 4/4 time signature, with tempos most commonly from 100 to 180 beats a minute.

There are many styles of Swing. Some common types of Swing styles are Blues, East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Shag and West Coast Swing.

Whether you are a novice dancer or experienced in other kinds of dancing, Swing dancing is a great way to improve your dancing skills, make friends, exercise and have enjoyable evenings out.

There is a lot of Swing dancing around, both in the US and around the world. In the US, most big cities and many small cities and college towns have Swing clubs.

Swing dancing is a great way to augment your travels. Wherever you go, you can wander into a Swing dance and make instant friends. People are friendly and want to dance, so you will be welcome everywhere.

When going somewhere new, the easiest way to introduce yourself to people is during the lesson. During the lessons, people rotate through new partners. This gives you a chance to meet prospective partners before the social dancing begins.

In addition to local dance sessions, there are regional, national and international Swing dance workshops and exchanges. These are usual weekend long dance events, typically with classes or other programs during the days, and social dance parties at night. This is a great way to spend a weekend, take your dancing to a new level, and meet people from other places.

Everyone can learn to dance. Even if you have two left feet, that is no problem. There are plenty of people around with two right feet that will be happy to dance with you.

There is no wrong in Swing. Go at your own pace and enjoy the process.

Check your local community for a Swing club and get on out and have a great time.

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